Calc To Survive

Performing basic arithmetic operations without instantly reaching for the next calculator or smart phone is a discipline that is becoming less popular nowadays. However, being able to solve simple equations without help is beneficial in many situations – from exercises in exams to summing up prices of groceries in the super market.

The game tackles this shortcoming by providing an application that allows players to train their arithmetic skills. Players do not only have to solve equations, but they have to do it under time pressure. The game combines characteristics of platformers with the discipline of speed-runs, that is completing a game as fast as possible. Consequently, the game consists of a series of short levels which each contains an equation that has to be solved in order to complete the level. By playing the game regularly, players can both optimize their score and playfully train their math skills.

Calc To Survive was created by Martin Glatzel as part of his bachelor thesis at the University of Mannheim under the supervision of Philip Mildner.